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Anthony Shannon Harman  was the son of Sydney Bellamy Harman & Jesse SHANNON  Macleod
Born 6 Mar 1912 Chesham Bucks.
His father Sydney Bellamy Harman was born in 1871 & attended the City of London School.
Due to Sydney's father's puritanical  and tyrant attitude Sydney run away from home at the age of 15.
His father  Sydney was to become a partner, and the company became Harman & Lambert.
The  business was on New Bond Street called Harman and Lambert.
Sydney had to lend is brother Nathaniel  the money for his fees at Cambridge.
 As their father Walter Harman would not.
Jesse Shannon McLeod Known as Jean  was much younger than Sydney , very elegant and somewhat flighty.
  She was the daughter of a Presbyterian clergyman Patrick McFarland McLeod and was born in Coburg, Ontario, Canada.  She was brought up in Victoria on Vancouver Island and brought to England as a young girl.
Anthony's parents   lived in a lovely old farmhouse. Sydney gussied it up and made it into a black and white half timbered house with lovely old furniture and huge and wonderful gardens.  It is still there in the year 2006-07-01 but with much less in the way of grounds.
(In later years Anthony Shannon lived in a house near by.) 
They were a handsome pair, Jean  tall and beautifully dressed. Sydney  good-looking with large dark eyes.  Anthony's  son Andrew looks so like him that if you show Sydney's   picture to a young child and ask who it is they will invariably insist that it is Andy.
Sydney Bellamy Harman was born in 1871 died in 1920 following surgery for a perforated ulcer.  Hannah his Grand Daughter stated I have never been clear about whether he died on the operating table, from post operational shock or from the effects of the ulcer.
When Sydney  died age 49  & Jean  was left with three young children - Anthony was eight, Lola 10 and Bobby 13.
Jean  quickly spent most of the money Sydney  had left her.
Anthony to Harrow school and then to Trinity College Cambridge but had to leave after one year as his mother could not afford to keep him there.
 Subsequently she married Maurice Braddell a talented actor, writer and painter who was almost young enough to be her son, totally unsuitable as a husband but made a wonderful step-grandfather!
Hannah his Grand Daughter said.
Anthony Shannon married  Florence Theresa Plested  on 5 November 1934 .
Florence born 11 Jul 1914  and married at the age of 20 with Anthony being 22.
Anthony & Florence had a family of six.
Penelope Helen 1935, Hannah 1937, Daniel Anthony 1940,  Andrew Shannon 1943,
Matthew Richard 1943,  & Lastly Damaris Mary 1956. Known as Mary.
Anthony was an amazingly versatile and tenacious man.  After his one year @ Trinity College Cambridge which as known was  that his mother could not afford to keep him there.
 Anthony worked at Harman & Lambert for a short while but then borrowed the money to buy the farm next door to where he was born and became a farmer.
Anthony and a friend were subsequently  responsible for the introduction of Charolais cattle into England and effectively changed the face of beef breeding in this country.  Were it not for him, we wouldn't see those beautiful white beasts in the fields.  He also had a brief spell in politics, was a friend of Nye Bevan and his wife Jennie Lee and stood for election a number of times.

His Daughter Damaris Mary stated
 I think it was something of a relief to my mum that he didn't get elected as our lives would have been very different if he had.
Anthony  also started a local building company which was very successful.
Damaris Mary stated a good number of my friends and my children's friends and family live in houses built by my Dad's firm.  He, on the other hand couldn't even put up a shelf!!
Finally Anthony had a television program on the BBC about 19 years ago.  The book and television program were called "Seventy Summers, the Story of a Farm"
Anthony Shannon Harman Born 6 Mar 1912 died @ Chesham Bucks Age 87 May 1999
Florence born 11 Jul 1914 preceded  Anthony dying  Oct 1983 @  Amersham Hospital. Age 69.
His Grandson Ben Dan's son  now farms the land Anthony bought so many years ago.
Anthony & Florence  family are all live nearby & incredibly close. They all live within a few miles of each other (in some cases yards!)
 Apart from the sister Hannah  who lives in Alabama,  Damaris Mary  lives in a house  on the farm as does her brother, two of his children and one of her cousins. Damaris Mary  has a nephew and a niece whose houses she  can see from her house on the  farm & two other brothers, one niece and two nephews all live within a mile.
Source Damaris Mary  Known as Mary & her elder sister Hannah.